Rockwood Orthopaedic Society


The Rockwood Orthopaedic Soceity (ROS) was named after our esteemed professor and chairman emeritus, Dr. Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD. Rockwood Orthopaedic Society serves to provide UTHSCSA students opportunities to learn about and experience the fields of Orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. Throughout the course of he yer we will be coordinating various activities that allow students to interact with residents and faculty in orthopaedic surgery and to explore their interest in the specialties. This year we hope to increase ROS's peer mentoring capacity by having regular events with upper class students who plan to match (or have matched) in orthopaedic surgery. We also hope to increase the scope of shadowing activities for our members. Medical students interested in joining the Rockwood Orthopaedic Society or simply in learning more about it are invited to contact the Office of Student Life.