Faculty Profiles

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Animesh Agarwal, MD

Animesh Agarwal, MD

Professor, Trauma Service, Chief of Trauma Division

 Frank Buttacavoli, MD

Buttacavoli, Frank, MD

Associate Professor, Total Joint


Burau, Paige C., FNP

Specialist, Family Nurse Practitioner

Christopher Chaput, MD

Chaput, Christopher, MD

Assistant Professor, Spine Services

Fred Corley, MD

 Corley, Fred G. Jr., MD

Professor, Hand Services

Stephen Cox, PT

 Cox, Stephen M. PT

Specialist, Physical Therapist

Douglas Cromack, MD

 Cromack, Douglas Ted, MD

Professor, Hand Service

Justin Darwin, PA-C

 Darwin, Justin R., PA-C

Specialist, Physician Assistant

Marc DeHart, MD

 DeHart, Marc M., MD

Assistant Professor, Hip and Knee, Sports Medicine

Brandon Del Bosque, PA-C

 Del Bosque, Brandon L., PA-C

Specialist, Physician Assistant


Christopher DeLallo, PA-C

 DeLallo, Christopher J., PA-C

Specialist, Physician Assistant


Marc Deschaine, PA-C

 Deschaine, Marc F., PA-C


Specialist, Physician Assistant


Anil Dutta, MD

 Dutta, Anil K., MD

Associate Professor, Fred G. Corley, MD Distinguished

Professorship in Orthopaedics, Shoulder and Elbow


William Edwards Jr., MD

 Edwards Jr., William, MD

Associate Professor, Spine


Mayo Galindo Jr, MD

 Galindo, Jr., Mayo J., MD

Assistant Professor, Foot and Ankle


Vaida Glatt, PHD

 Glatt, Vaida, PHD

Assistant Professor / Research


John "Trey" Green, MD

 Green, John "Trey", MD

Professor, Chief of Sports Medicine


Brad Hall, MD

 Hall, Brad B., MD

Assistant Professor, General / Spine


Chad Hodges, PT

 Hodges, Chad B., PT

Specialist, Physical Therapist


Grant Hogue, MD

 Hogue, Grant D., MD

Assistant Professor, Pediatric Orthopaedic Service


Sheri Huehn, PT

 Huehn, Sheri F., PT

Specialist, Director of Physical Therapy


Phillip Jacobs, MD

 Jacobs, Philip M., MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical


Ravi Karia, MD

 Karia, Ravi A., MD

Assistant Professor, Trauma Services


John Kodosky, PA-C

 Kodosky, John T., PA-C

Specialist, Physician Assistant


Sekinat McCormick, MD

 McCormick, Sekinat K., MD

Assistant Professor, Pediatric Orthopaedic Service


Ada Montalvo, PA-C

 Montalvo, Ada, PA-C

Specialist, PA-C


Barry Morgan, PT

 Morgan, Barry M., PT

Specialist, Physical Therapist


Bernard Morrey, MD

 Morrey, Bernard F., MD

Clinical Professor, Shoulder & Elbow


Ladelle Morse, MD

 Morse, Ladelle L., MD

Clinical Professor, Sports & Elbow


Denise Norton, MD

Norton, Denise., MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical, Spine


Michael Palladino, DPM

 Palladino, Michael G., DPM

Associate Professor/Clinical


Robert Quinn, MD

 Quinn, Robert Henry, MD

Professor and Chairman, Orthopaedic Oncology


Rajiv Rajani, MD

 Rajani, Rajiv, MD

Associate Professor/Clinical, Residency Program Director,

Orthopaedic Oncology


Crystal Ramanujam, DPM

 Ramanujam, Crystal L., DPM

Assistant Professor, Podiatry, Division Chief


Priscilla Ramos, PAC

 Ramos, Priscilla, PAC

Specialist, Orthopaedic Trauma


Charles Rockwood Jr, MD

 Rockwood, Charles A Jr, MD

Professor and Chairman Emeritus, Shoulder Service


Ryan Rose, MD

 Ryan Rose, MD

Assistant Professor/Clinical, Hand & Plastic Service


Ramesh Srinivasan, MD

 Srinivasan, Ramesh, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical


John Toohey, MD

 Toohey, John S., MD

Professor and Laura B. Flawn, MD Chair, Spine


Lauren Vesely, PA-C

 Vesely, Lauren, PA-C

Specialist, Physician Assistant


Kaye Wilkins, MD

 Wilkins, Kaye E., MD

Professor Emeritus, Pediatric Orthopaedic Service, President's Council, 

Dielman Chair in Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery


Michael Wirth, MD

 Wirth, Michael A., MD

Professor, Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD Chair, Shoulder Service


Boris Zelle, MD

 Zelle, Boris A., MD

Associate Professor, Trauma Service


Thomas Zgonis, DPM

 Zgonis, Thomas, DPM

Professor, Podiatry, Lee J. Sanders,

Professorship in Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention


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