Facilities available for resident research

Cell Biology/Biochemistry Research Space, Equipment, and Support Personnel
Drs. Dean and Sylvia have a basic science laboratory on the fifth floor of the Medical School building that occupies 1300 square feet. Two Research Assistants are employed by Drs. Dean and Sylvia that are involved in training residents in various lab techniques, as needed. The lab is fully equipped for cell biology/biochemistry research and consists of a tissue culture facility, a lab for wet chemistry, and a third area for molecular biological work. The equipment available in the lab includes laminar flow hoods, CO2 incubators, an inverted microscope, Coulter cell counter, Sorvall superspeed centrifuge, -80 C freezers, thermocyclers for PCR, an Applied Biosystems Prism 7000 Sequence Detection System for real time PCR, hybridization oven, scintillation counter, uv-vis spectrophotometer, Polytron homogenizer, Waters HPLC/GPC system, pH meters, and ELISA plate readers. An adjacent walk-in cold room and freezer are also available for resident research as well as a number of core facilities within the Health Science Center, including optical imaging (three wide field multi-parameter digital imaging systems for fluorescence and bright field observation) and DNA and protein sequencing cores. A gamma counter, various ultracentrifuges, and a fluorescence spectrophotometer are available for use in nearby labs. UTHSCSA maintains a vivarium under the supervision of three full time veterinarians for any projects requiring the use of animals. Animals in the facility are maintained according to NIH, USDA, and DoD guidelines. The facility is AAALAC approved.

Bioengineering Research Space and Equipment
The Bioengineering division occupies approximately 1200 square feet of research space. It is equipped with the following instruments: Waters HPLC/GPC system, microscopic FTIR, centrifuge, lyophilizer, Isomet cutters and milling machines for specimen preparation and several microscopes and computers for analysis. Other equipment includes a Perkin Elmer dynamic mechanical analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter, and several wear testing pin-on-disk systems. Elsewhere in the Health Science Center, there is access to a scanning electron microscope and x-ray diffraction facility.

Research Office Space
Pat Cathcart, the Research Coordinator, and Drs. Dean and Sylvia are located in an office suite (500 sq ft) on the fifth floor of the Medical School building adjacent to the laboratories. In addition to offices, the suite has a small conference room for meeting with faculty, students, and visitors. The office area is equipped with six computers that are connected to the Health Science Center’s mainframe computer for placing electronic purchase orders, effort reports, performing electronic library searches, accessing clinical databases, sending/receiving e-mail, etc. Word processing and data analysis software are available on all machines. In addition to two laptop computers, the office is also equipped with various laser printers, including an HP Laser Jet 5000GN and HP Color Laser 4550N color printer, a Canon PC770 copier, and Canon Laser Class 9000S fax machine.