Book edited by Dr. Animesh Agarwal is published . “Nonunions-Diagnosis, evaluation and Management”.

Cover photo of Nonunions book edited by Animesh Agarwal


Preface of the book:


“Nonunions have been a challenging aspect for orthopedic trauma surgeons.  The literature is scarce with recommendations for many of these problems.  The principles of nonunion management have been traditionally based on the type of nonunion and its aetiology, whether it is a mechanical or biological one.  As Orthopedic care has advanced with newer implants-such as locked plating-old problems have been alleviated, but new issues have arisen as well.  Although patient factors and injury

factors contribute significantly to the development of nonunions, iatrogenic causes are not infrequent.  Orthopaedic trauma still requires attention to detail and the basic principles of fracture management to help prevent the surgeon’s contributionto nonunion development”.  

“Over the last twenty years of my practice, nonunions have always been a difficult problem to assess.  New patient issues such as vitamin D deficiency have come to light.  Infection all too often accompanies nonunions and must be evaluated.  This text was designed to provide a single reference for the basic principles of nonunion diagnosis, evaluation, and management”.  Animesh Agarwal, M.D.