Rudy Solis, PTA awarded WOW Award for Patient Experience Practice from UT Medicine

4th Quarter WOW award winners, including Rudy Solis, PTA


On Tuesday, December 20th, UT Health Operations and the Office of the Chief Quality Officer teamed up to present the first quarterly awards for WOW recognition and Patient Experience Practice Champions. 



A WOW Award is given to an individual that has exceeded expectations by showing and exemplifying the UT Health, Mission, Vision, and Core Values and someone took the time to recognize them.  All WOW’s submitted are reviewed to select quarterly winners. 


Rudy Solis - Physical Therapy

Rudy was recognized by Dr. Sheri Huehn who stated that Rudy went above and beyond to assist a patient who had been waiting for her transport company for nearly 3 hours. Rudy was on his way out to attend an online class forum, working toward a Doctor of Physical Therapy, when he encountered this patient. He made multiple calls and waited with her until someone arrived.  His initiative to make calls and ensure that a UT Health patient, although not his own,  did not wait alone exemplifies the UT Health Mission, Vision, and Core Values.