SA doctors leading way in fix for Charcot foot syndrome - Charcot foot associated with diabetes

Thomas Zgonis, DPM

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio has a diabetes problem and that’s what’s causing people to have a lot of other problems too. Obesity, high blood pressure and strokes are just some of the issues associated with the disease. But the city is also becoming a focal point for neuropathy and something called Charcot foot syndrome.

Nancy Bellone is a diabetic, but she stays very active, or at least she tried to. But one day on a walk, disaster struck.

“My foot actually broke in half, and I didn't realize it so I kept walking,” she said.

Bellone didn’t realize what had happened because of neuropathy, or loss of sensation in her feet. And that was just a start.

“I had ulcers that were open. I couldn’t heal them,” she said.

Bellone finally got diagnosed with Charcot foot syndrome by podiatrist Dr. Thomas Zgonis at the University of Texas Health Science Center. It’s a problem that can lead to an amputation.

Story by: Ursula Pari - Anchor

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