Michael Langlois, DPM says Real men wear gowns: Diabetes Impact On Eyes And Feet

Dr. Michael Langlois, DPM

“I’ve seen a lot of patients walking around their house, step on a tack or sewing needle of an insulin needle, not realize it for a few days,” said Podiatrist Dr. Mike Langlois. “By the time they've realized it, it's seeded a very bad infection which is oftentimes limb threatening.”

That's why Dr. Langlois with University Health System urges diabetics to have their feet examined regularly.

“The complications of waiting are quite severe,” said Dr. Langlois.”I recommend all diabetics come in and at least get screened and determine their level of risk so we can manage them and intervene early.”

“Men should go more often it makes them more of a man to go take care of themselves  and put on a gown and say I'm not embarrassed because I got to take care of me. who else is going to take care of me.”

The misconception with diabetes is it's just about cutting back on sugar.  Dr. Langlois said poor circulation and nerve damage are very common in diabetics. That's why it's so important they get those routine check-ups on their feet and eyes.

Dr. Langlois discussed these issues with KENS5 News.  That video is no longer on their web site.