Dr. John Toohey, MD elected to 2014 class of Fellows in Clinical Safety and Effectiveness for the University of Texas System

Dr. John Toohey, M.D.Dr. John Toohey, M.D.  has been recognized for his role in healthcare delivery improvement, and his contribution to patient safety at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and the UT System. 

Fellows will be inducted on October 15th during the Recognition Dinner at the UT System Shared Visions: Improving Systems to Improve Lives Conference in San Antonio.  Please see the UT System Shared Visions Conference website for details on the dinner program time and location.


The UT System Fellowship in Clinical Safety and Effectiveness recognizes excellence in healthcare delivery improvement and patient safety.  This three year, renewable appointment includes a modest service commitment.  Please see the UT System CS&E Fellowship Charter document for details of the program.   In addition, Fellows will assume responsibility for the academic portion of the CS&E Alumni Conference each year.  This may involve judging abstracts, participating in professorial rounds, and/or participating in the selection of future CS&E Fellows.