Dr. Rajiv Rajani discusses how obesity has has led to an increase in osteoarthritis, particularly in the knees and hips.

Bone Up On Knee and Joint Health
More than a million people undergo a hip or knee replacement surgery every year. What are the best, most effective ways for the 50-plus set to keep their knees and hips in good shape?
By Jeff Schnaufer
CTW Features
Here’s a little-known fact: For some people, with every pound they gain, it can feel like 5 to 7 extra pounds for their knees. So if you gain 10 pounds by the time you are 50, your knees may feel like they are lugging around at least 50 more pounds.
With the current obesity epidemic, some knees may feel like they’re lugging around 100 or more extra pounds.
What’s this have to do with knee replacement surgery, you may ask?
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